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New Plum Dollhouses and Kitchens

Our new Plum range of Dollhouses and Kitchens can be ordered and delivered directly to your door. For a more details or a quote, kindly send us an enquiry: sales@toddlerswarehouse.co.za


Tillington Dolls House

Fantastic wooden dolls house featuring four storeys, each fully printed with colourful detailed graphics that include kitchen, dining room, lounge, bathroom, bedroom and dressing room. Suitable for 30cm tall fashion dolls (not included) .Includes open windows that are great for children to peer into. Stairs to the first floor and open roof terrace with stylish sloped roof and solar panel. Stands at over 1m tall – plenty of space for friends to join in. Made from responsibly sourced timber. Supplied with fourteen wooden accessories including dining table and chairs, sofa, coffee table, television unit and flat screen television, dressing table and chair, lamp and a bed with pillows and duvet, bath and toilet

108cm x 44cm x 16cm

Ages 6+

Doll House and Kitchen Combo Large

Providing the perfect workstation for cordon bleu connoisseurs and sous chefs alike, the Peppermint Kitchen has been expertly designed to incorporate all the features of a modern kitchen. Little chefs can chop and dice on the wooden work surface, pan fry and parboil on the hobs and bake tasty treats in the oven. Finished cooking?  The Peppermint kitchen is fully equipped with turning taps and a sink for washing up afterwards. With ample storage cupboards and shelves for toys and cooking equipment, Mums and Dads will love it too. The Peppermint Townhouse is a dream home for children’s favorite figures and characters. Perfect for modern living, the stylish mansion is fitted out with contemporary décor, a working lift and converted loft. Whether dinosaurs roam the dining room, princesses party in the open plan lounge or dolls set up home in the loft-style playroom there’s fun to be had, whoever is in residence. Made from strong and sturdy wood, the Peppermint Townhouse is designed to last for years to come. It is recommended for children, their siblings and friends aged three years and up to enjoy.

104cm x 50cm x 15cm

Ages 3+


Hove Doll House

This pretty fold out wooden dolls house is compact enough for children to carry around on a day out yet is still packed full of features to inspire imaginative role play games. Suitable for 10cm tall fashion dolls (not included), this three storey wooden dolls house features pretty print detail throughout the kitchen/diner, lounge and bedroom - perfect for helping children act out stories and inspiring their imaginations. The wooden dolls house folds closed for portability and has a fold up roof with pretty ribbons. Children can pull down the front of the house to reveal a garden printed with swings, slides and food stand for even more play! Made from responsibly sourced timber, the Plum Hove Wooden Dolls House is strong and sturdy with a lightweight design and handle that make the dolls house easy for children to carry. This wooden dolls house is supplied with seven wooden accessories including bed, sofa and dining table and chairs, perfect for children to build their dream home.

39cm x 35cm x 18cm

Ages 6+


Doll House and Kitchen Combo Meduim

Plum’s 2 in 1 kitchen and dolls house is perfect for inspiring children’s imaginations. Little chefs and budding bakers will have hours of fun in the kitchen, which has hobs for sizzling sausages, an oven for baking delicious treats as well as a window and hanging pegs. A sink can be filled with water for washing up afterwards. Turn the kitchen around to play with the doll’s house. Printed with three themed storeys, dolls can take their pets to the vet, get a makeover at the beauty salon then go home to their very own studio flat. Made from strong and sturdy timber, Plum’s  2 in 1 is built to last for years to come. It is supplied with wooden cooking accessories, including saucepan, frying pan and utensils.

73cm x 43cm x 11cm

Ages 3+

Cook a Lot Chive Kitchen

This unique portable wooden kitchen from Plum is perfect for inventive young chefs on the go. With this portable design, the chunky wooden handle allows children to wheel their trolley around the house, cooking up meals and serving them to friends and family.

50cm x 70cm x 30cm

Ages 5+


New Lego

New - LEGO® Classic

New - LEGO® Duplo

New - LEGO® City

New - LEGO® Friends


New - LEGO® Creator

New Sylvanian Families

Sea Side Treasure Set

Tuxedo cat sister Lily Marlowe loves to go snorkelling at Sea Breeze Cape in search of buried treasure. This cute set includes Lily in her swimming costume, plus snorkel, mask, and flippers. There are even colourful fish to look at whilst diving and a chest full of buried treasure!

Ages 3+

Secret Island Play House

If you venture over to Adventure Island at Sea Breeze Cape you might be in for a big surprise. Nestled in the cove of Adventure Island is the colourful Secret Island Playhouse. With two floors above the ocean this will be every Sylvanian child’s dream! This secret seaside hideaway is an idyllic place for your Sylvanians to have all manner of adventures, and it includes everything they'll need from a map and goggles, to a pair of flippers that are just the right fit. There's even a cute log table and chairs!

Ages 3+

Seaside Ice Cream Shop

On a warm day in Sylvania (and for that matter, even a chilly day!) the Sylvanians just love to stop at Amelia Sandy's Ice Cream Parlour to choose from one of her tasty ice cream flavours. Yummy! With seats, tables, and even a concealed bench inside the ice cream cornet this is the perfect place to cool down and enjoy a scrumtious treat!

Ages 3+

Homemade Pancake Set

Your Sylvanians will be tucking in to delicious homemade pancakes and tasty toppings with this gorgeous set! What better to wash them down with than a nice pot of tea?

Ages 3+

Doughnut Store

The smell of tasty doughnuts and fresh coffee coming from Carol Osborne's Doughnut store are just too tempting for most Sylvanians to resist! Choose from sugar-coated, chocolate, jam and more - they're all so delicious how will your Sylvanians decide which one to have!

Ages 3+

Pizza Delivery Set

This fantastic set includes everything you need to run a successful pizza delivery service from the Brick Oven Bakery! Hedgehog father Mortimer Bramble's mission is to jump on his trusy vintage vespa and deliver delicious pizzas to hungry Sylvanians!

Ages 3+


Cecilia Teak loves fashion and is delighted to finally have her own store in Sylvania! Her sparkly Boutique stocks the most fashionable accessories in town including shoes, jewellery and a huge selection of handbags. There's even a full length mirror so your Sylvanians can admire their new accessories. With over 30 detailed pieces, including Cecilia herself, who is wearing a pretty dress exclusive to the Boutique set, your Sylvanians will adore shopping here!

Ages 3+

Dressing Area Set

Let's play dress-up! Freya Chocolate is going to a party later and needs to find the perfect dress for the occasion. Now... which will it be? The blue, the yellow, or the pink! Luckily there's a full-length mirror to try them on in front of to help her choose!

Ages 3+

Girls Swimwear Set

This cute Seaside set includes rabbit sister Freya Chocolate and her baby sister Crème in their matching swimsuits with their beach basket.

Ages 3+

Seaside Merry Go- Round

Round and round the Merry-Go-Round! Let your little Sylvanians splash in the water with this cute Merry-Go-Round. There's room for three babeis to ride in the fish carts and swirl around the water fountain. Turn the handle to see the Merry-Go-Round spin round. There's even an integrated slide to play on! What fun!

Ages 3+

Baby High Chair

The perfect place for your Sylvanian babies to sit with the rest of the family at meal time.  The tray of the chair lifts off so that you can place the baby comfortably in the chair.

Ages 3+

Red Panda Family

Father Wilbur Robinson grows some of the best grapes in Sylvania on the sunny slopes, just south of the village. He grows many different varieties, some for the fruit bowl as well as some to make delightful red and white wines, but everyone’s favourite is the one he grows for his wife’s deliciously sweet grape juice.

Mother Fliss Robinson is the one who turns Wilbur’s juicy plump grapes, not only into excellent red and white wines, but she also creates a scrumptious grape juice, which can only be described as ‘the nectar of the gods’!

Sister Frances Robinson wants to be famous for a special drink like her mother, so she spends a lot of time helping Wilbur, her father and Fliss, her mother, in order to learn as much as possible about how the different drinks are made. She is experimenting with a grape juice with mango at the moment and both her parents are proud to help and advise.

Ages 3+

Hedgehog Twins

Baby sister Hazel Bramble loves to sleep. She falls asleep if the family go out for a walk, or when she's in her car seat, or sometimes even when she's playing with her toys!

Baby brother Honey Bramble is very inquisitive and loves to open all kinds of lids. From the jam jar on the kitchen table, to the toothpaste tube in the bathroom, Honey finds taking the lids off very entertaining. He is quite mischievous though, which means is family are always cleaning up after him!

Ages 3+